Amigo the devil bandcamp

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Amigo the devil bandcamp

Listings are in the opposite order of appearance: headliner is listed at the top, next is the support band sand the last band listed is the opener. If you never met him, you might mistake Amigo the Devil for a monster. The murderfolk maudit's most popular song is called "Perfect Wife. The Devil is far more than a folkie with a dark side. There's a sepulchral beauty, acid wit and ingenious arrangements. Both his larynx and his lyrics make him one of the most unique voices in music -- even if he sticks only to songs of the doomed.

The songs he writes are everything American Roots rolled together- laid on top are his own unique lyrics full of poetic imagery and emotion. Wil's personal turmoil with the heartache over his formative years that he spent teaching himself guitar and writing songs about the people in his life has shaped his songwriting, his complex personality, and has made him a powerful live performer. Poignant and revealing verse reminiscent of Leonard Cohen or Conor Oberst is set against a backdrop of American music both traditional and modern, from folk to punk to country to rock and roll.

Hailing from St. InAmina came out as a transgender woman.Nate Garrett, founder of the American heavy metal band Spirit Adrift, went through years of a deadly addiction to alcohol and nearly died from it in With the love, help, and inspiration of his wife Nicole, he got sober and changed his whole life — and wrote several albums in the process.

Google Play. He is a former Christian who began writing songs for the project as a way to mourn the loss of his faith in God, and each album since has been a mile-marker in his acceptance of atheism.

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In this episode, he talks about how his longtime partner Sarah Ray, a bisexual atheist, saw him through the death of his Christianity and the birth of Mizmor. Head here to enter the raffle Metal Bandcamp Gift Club is doing to raise money for bail funds. Type O Negative are iconic for writing romantic, sexy, sultry, gothic metal. In this episode, the married couple discuss how they met, sex on psychedelics, the time Matt shot a solo porno in a truck-stop shower, the three wild gifts that won Alyssa over after a years-long game of cat-and mouse, the secret to a happy, respectful marriage, and much more.

In this episode, he talks about finding love stories in the evilest of places, learning from past disastrous relationships, the importance of supporting your partner in finding happiness of any kind, and what happens when people take the wrong meaning form your songs. Posts Subscribe About Contact Archive. With the love, help, and inspiration of his w.Or browse results titled :. The Big Idea lyrics buy track Hey! What's the big idea?

When do I get something good? Shouldn't I have something good? It's just something 'bout the way I feel Must be onto something good A little nervous 'bout the way I feel What if I found something good?

amigo the devil bandcamp

It's just the way I feel I only hesitate because the first time It was almost something good A little apprehensive 'cause the last time was so fucked up 2. Everybody info buy track 3. When I Fool You Into Loving Me Again lyrics buy track If I make my own luck I might get to have you by and by If that comes to pass I promise not to tell another lie Making plans and taking chances Give this thing another shot What's to stop us if we're both single?

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And even if we're not If you believe in second chances And you don't ask me where I've been I might could fool you into loving me again I used to be someone, some bastard Love could never weigh me down People said I was so lucky If they could only see me now Part of me knows that you're long gone And another part says, "what if I could fool you into loving me again?

Bless Your Heart lyrics buy track Call me Doubting Tom 'Cause I'd ask to see the gun But if I ever am held up I won't be robbed by no one's thumb and finger Don't believe in ghosts Least of all if they are holy But if one jumped out right now That don't mean I wouldn't run Bless your heart!

Go ahead and jump The sword of Damocles compels you 'Cause you only live the once And besides, nobody lives forever Cigarettes take minutes off the ends of people's lifetimes While vegetables add days to the painful cancer years Bless your heart! Take that the wrong way No big whoop Bless your heart Bless your little heart 'Cause your irony's refreshing In this time of lowered standards, Radically diminished expectations You were so sick and desperate Wish to hell I'd saved the documents 'Cause now that I can't see you I don't hate you anymore Bless your heart!

You're so pretentious No big whoop Bless your heart 5. I Wanna Live UK Surf lyrics buy track I wanna live I wanna live I wanna live 'Cause I don't wanna die I had a fight with my true best friend We both thought this could be the end But love is real and that would be a sin I don't wanna die We've had our problems But not so fast A little work and this thing might last Got baggage, sure, but let's not dwell on the past I don't wanna die A million paths diverge 'neath the sun To choose to live is the righteous one To hate is death so love someone I don't wanna die When winter's gone welcome spring's warmth in Depression splits without warning Great day in the morning!

I don't wanna die 6. Those Old Clothes We Liked Are Back In Style Again lyrics buy track They've got tears and they've got stains And they don't fit quite the same But those old clothes we liked Are coming back again We're not as young as we could be But you still look as good to me And those old clothes we liked are back in style again I liked yours and you liked mine We had a taste for all things fine And if my mem'ry serves me Love was stylish at the time The kids are cool But kids are weird I'm not convinced that they're sincere And those old clothes we liked are back in style again Would you think that I'm a fool?

It's been so long since we've been cool Or could they make you look at me Like how you used to do? I've seen the ads It won't be long Won't change a thing that I've done wrong But those old clothes we liked Are back in style again 7. Underground Medicine lyrics buy track Saw the best of youth through my window on the old world But the door's been locked and I can't find my way I've seen good things come and go and disappear in the past 'Cause time don't give a shit how bad you wish they could last forever Do you believe in miracles?

I'm not superstitious But sometimes something casts a spell on me Is it seasonal? The Devil? Or a heavenly host?

amigo the devil bandcamp

Or is it 'cause I'm riding on the shoulders of ghosts and I can't get down? But it's not gonna go away I've been this way forever I'm a Scorpio with Capricorn rising, Gemini moon Do you remember when we used to get along and they played our favorite song all summer?

And we swore we'd blow this town and never look back Then the wheels came off the dream, it fell apart pretty quick To look at us, you'd never even know we were sick But Underground Medicine saved me when no one could Now it's Tuesday and it's raining through the hole in the ceiling The sound guy's hung over and he's telling me to turn way down who, me?

I'm a traveling musician, might be broke half the time But I've got love in my heart, got a satisfied mind And Underground Medicine saved me when no one could 8. Own Trip Now lyrics buy track Found out from a little bird you're leaving here for good A moment of despondency But then I understood And not that I can blame you 'cause I always knew you could Watch it all work out somehow On your own trip now Pack treats and refreshments, everybody loves a snack I'll make a pallet on the floor in case you make it back A world of beauty, time to think, a favorite paperback E'er shall goodwill abound On your own trip now Now again, you're taking in the continent by train I held you on the Spanish stairs and kissed you in the rain In hotels and cathedrals, dug the holy and profane You hear that lonesome whistle sound And you're on your own trip now On your own trip now!

You're on your own trip now!Website Facebook.

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Facebook MySpace Bandcamp. The maximum number of tickets available per purchase for each event is the maximum number permitted per customer. Your name, credit card, address, and email address will be verified. Amigo the Devil. Twin TempleKing Dude.


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Nov Amigo The Devil. Actions and Detail Panel. Sales Ended. Event description. Twin Temple, King Dude.

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Read more Read less. Twin Temple Website Facebook. The Regent Theater S. Main St. View Details. Follow this organizer to stay informed on future events. The Regent Theater Event creator. Events you might like:.Or browse results titled :. Amigo the Devil Spicewood, Texas. Contact Amigo the Devil. Streaming and Download help. Report this track or account. If you like Manimals, you may also like:.

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Rogue Taxidermy by Days N' Daze. A friend shared this album with me a couple of years ago and I latched on to it immediately, for it was and still is my lifeline.

The style is like nothing I've ever heard before and the lyrics are everything I've never been able to say. There just is this palpable awareness of the human condition that I've yet to find anywhere else. Imagine an angrier, faster Violent Femmes - this is my favorite Crustfall album.

Consistently strong songs with loads of energy and even some humor. As much as I like the current line up, I do miss the dynamic that Marissa's voice added to the band. Plus, she's one of the better washboard players out there. Terry Aston. Molten Rock by VanWyck. Tense, moody, guitar-forward songs from VanWyck that emphasize tension and fragility. Stone Dress by Ruby Throat. Strand by James Lindsay.

A dark, atmospheric blend of instrumental folk and contemporary jazz, exploring the unusual settings of traditional melodic ideas. This album is just pure gold. Explore music. Purchasable with gift card. Tags alternative americana folk indie murderfolk Spicewood. Black Cat.Or browse results titled :.

Amigo San Diego, California. Streaming and Download help. Report this album or account. If you like Amigo, you may also like:.

Amigo the Devil

Refractions by Lowrider. Throwing softness and subtlety to the wind, Stockholm's Lowrider raze a molten, stoner-rock warpath, all fuzzy riffs and percussive grit. Sonic Praise by Ecstatic Vision. Percussive, guitar-driven, psych-chaos from Philly trio who never take their adrenaline-fueled feet off the gas.

amigo the devil bandcamp

Gritty, psychedelic rock, full of crashing guitar riffs and lo-fi percussion. Infectious sludge finally arrives after four years of furtive jamming, out on Small Stone Recordings. Explore music. Little Cliffs by Amigo.

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John Gist. Steve Leighton. StoneFly Effects. Nuno Tavares. Kevin Ickes. Professor Rollercoaster.

Amigo The Devil

Purchasable with gift card. Click Me Cold Sexy Mess Foul Mouth Odor Little Cliffs Or browse results titled :. Contact cigarettesareforever. Streaming and Download help. Report this track or account. If you like cigarettesareforever, you may also like:.

Sidewalkin' by the cigarette bums. An album of garage punk stompers that will stick in your ears like bubblegum to your shoes. Transitional Forms by Sharptooth. Sharptooth fight bigotry with melodic hardcore, their breakdowns an ideal vehicle for singer Lauren Kashan's incendiary insights. Machine Nation by Moth. Twitchy, paranoid post-punk from the Melbourne outfit Moth, souped up with electronics and deadpanned vocals.

Coriky by Coriky. This is not a Fugazi record.

Amigo the Devil - The Weight Lyrics

Bandcamp Album of the Day Jun 18, Planet Fatigue by Carradine Choke. UKinspired hardcore punk from Christchurch, New Zealand, gruff and fast and economical and, of course, righteously pissed. Reader 7" by R. Excellent indie pop from Chemtrails brings to mind the breathless pop-punk pinwheeling of Peach Kelli Pop.

Explore music. Hell and You cover by cigarettesareforever. Paying supporters also get unlimited streaming via the free Bandcamp app.

Purchasable with gift card.

amigo the devil bandcamp

Tags punk bedroom punk cover cover song folk punk singer-songwriter ukulele punk Kaneohe. Bandcamp Album of the Day Jun 18, go to album.


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